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It's a busy world, so on hand here at Steffie's House I keep a small inventory of necessary items, for your convenience, as just a slight increase in the price that I pay for them. I try to get everything at wholesale prices but some things I buy in such small quantities that if a local store carries it I pay their retail price and charge $1 to cover gas, because I know that your main interest in being here is just for the grooming,, which you already feel inconvenienced at having to fork out for!!
Truth is, we would all rather be spending our Hard Earned Money on buying something Pretty For ourselves, rather than getting our stinky matted Best Friend taken care of, right? But fortunately for Pup you have decided to do The Right Thing,,and here you are,,but oops,,you just remembered your are out of,,, well, I probably don't have That but maybe I have something That Will Do just fine, instead,,not a Big Box Store,, or even a Little Box Store, really,,I just like to be of some modicum of here's what I have on hand:
doo doo bags, 3 in a pack for $2
assorted new dog collars, $2-3
assorted new harnesses $5 or so
a coupla leashes
some new plush dog toys that squeak, about $2-3 ea.
some cute doggy gift cards, great for Thankyou cards, whatnot
some dog clothes, tiny Chihuahua t-shirts,
and some customizable polar fleece shirts I make right in front of you,,
only $4-6 or so,,you will love them!!
new cloth water-bowl
new matt raker
new jaws-type pooper scooper for your yard I forget price, about $20
new Pug wooden puzzle made by a local artist $25, great for gift giving
also, you can contact the artist and get your own breed puzzle from him.
a card showing the work of a local watercolorist artist that specializes in dogs, you can have her do your dog, mail her some photos, nice!!!
Dog vitamins,
1 new hand held battery operated pet brush/vacuum cleaners,$10 ea
Also some used supplies, cheep.
I also rent out The Dog Father Training DVD and special kit that goes with it.

So, if there is anything you want me to make, custom fit for your dog, let me know. I am happy to help with your creative ideas, and I like to sew.
One of my favorite things to do is to make cheep but good dog sweaters, using the sleeves from polar fleece sweatshirts, for the body of a dog sweater, and the top portion of old socks make great sleeves,,bring in your recyclables and dog for a custom fitting, I will stitch together for you,,I wont charge much!
I don't carry dog food here, but if I did it would be what I use for my own dogs, and have had great success,, Brothers Complete , I found them through ,,go there and check that out too,,awesome informational!!