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Important Links For Dog Owners

Click on any Link below (underlined) to find out more about the subject,,excellent info available to everyone!
Ethoxyqin, Warning: In Most Commercial Pet Foods:Poison, Avoid! Read more here,,especially if your dog has health Issues of any kind:,and this is how to avoid any in the future!'google it, to find out more! If you want to feed your pet anything with any kind of poultry fat in it, make sure is Organic, fresh, cooked or raw, or canned or kibble, fats preserved with Vitamine E, Not Ethoxyquin!! (and guess what? the pet food industry lies, so, dont believe whats on the package!)See my Raves page to find out more from the author where I found out about Ethoxyquin.
The Dog Food Advisor go to the site, on the left is the Search bar, type in 'ethox' hit enter, and go to the site on Ethoxyquin. Also, use the same Search bar to put in your brand, and this site Rates Your Dog Food! How Does Your Dogfood Stack Up? (Only the Best, for My Babies!!) An Excellent and informative site. I found my own dogs' food from browsing this site.
Take your dog shopping with you! Lotsa Fun! Northwest Pet Fair at the Expo
Grass Seeds Up The Nose?! Re: FoxTail Screw Grass, Burrs, Weeds, Read Now! My Dog Pookie did get one,,and that was one Very Expensive Emergency Trip To The Vet!,,I wish I had seen this article! BTW: You'll find No Foxtail Grass At Steffie's House!
Ankle Biter Blues? Mean Doggy? Click Here for Fabulous Forum!
Portland's Off Leash Dog Areas , this site tells you how big the actual off leash areas are!
Lost or found a dog? Check Oregon Humane Society and Troutdale Shelter, and Craigslist, and local phone poles. Here is Oregon Humane Society link, and, for fun, they put together the annual Doggy Dash in May, you can sign up for that in March/April, it's every May.
I've done it since 2009, and love it, a wonderful big social event for you and your pup to share, join my team, or someone elses, or form your own, or just donate,,we need to help Oregon Humane Society,,so many pets being dumped off on them in these trouble times,,,please help! See you there!
This article may even apply to dog clothes. My rule of thumb is, dont buy and wear any remotely relistic looking fur, even if it says Faux, it may be REAL because animal abusers LIE for a living,,
If you wear something Furry it says to everyone Wearing Fur Is Good,,and it is creating desire in others to wear it and just perpetuates Animal Cruelty. Followers Of Fashion need to create a new Kinder World! There are many other ways to adorn yourself besides fur. And if you want to show high status and wealth, fur is no longer 'in' or appropriate or PC, and, you may find yourself with red paint splashed on it by an animal rights activist!
Ok, Now if you made it through that last video, or even part of it, you get a Treat!
Just go to any Search online, and search twerking dogs and cats, get out your tissues, you will be squirting tears of laughter,,you are welcome!  :)) I loved this one: