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Steffies Pet Lhasa Apso In Soft Curls And Top Pony Tail At Mt Tabor Park
Beautiful Coco Mini Poodle Sits Up On Chair In Basement Salon At Steffies House Dog Grooming
West Highland White Terrier In  Short Pet Clip in Play Pen
  From Tiny Dogs
To 85 lbs, Breed- Clips, Pet Clips, Puppy, Teddy Bear, Mohawks, Poofy Pom Poms, Hippy Happy Shaggy Dog,,,
  Special Occasion, Seasonal Comfort-
  Keeping Short, or Growing Out.
It's All Good.
And, If You Want,
Bring In A Photo Idea! Whatever Style You Desire!
Schnoodle In A Pet Clip With Bichon Teddy Bear Head Comes In Every 5 Weeks To Look Like This All The Time
Darling Yorkie In Puppy Clip Harnessed On Tiny Dog Table
Happy Standard Poodle In Pet Clip By Steffies House Ready To Go Home
  Each of our Babies is unique so I like draw their personalities out through developing a style and look that accentuates their best features, and also to help disguise any small inperfections. For instance, one of my clients has snowy white fur all over, but for one tiny black spot,,I just clip those few hairs out so you don't notice them.
   There are ways to minimize girth on furry obese pets, or to show a longer neckline on furry short necked dogs, and other tricks I use, to help with proportion issues.
  Everyone has a preference as to how their pet should look, so just tell me what you want,
I will try my best to keep your preferences noted for your repeat busines!
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  1. Short Summer Pet Clips For Brussles Griffon Brothers
  2. Ready For Grooming At Steffie's House This Aussie Doodle is Safety Harnessed Up On Hydraulic Lift Table
  3. Large Breed Australian Poodle Mix Happy after full service grooming at Steffies Southeast Portland dog grooming salon she opperates out of her Old Portland four square home.
  4. No Cages At Steffies House Dog Grooming Means Fun Time To Romp And Play Before Hand Tickle Drying With Low-Heat Handheld Blowdryer
  5. Standard Poodle After Grooming At Steffies House Customer Wanted Natural Curl Left In
  6. Steffie Shows Super Cute Style For Morkie Maltese Yorkie At Steffies House In SE Portland
  7. bichon frise beautiful without toxic chemical soup for show coat
  8. Schnauzer Puppy Clip and Breed Clip Post-Groom at Steffies Salon in Sunnyside Neighborhood Portland Oregon
  9. fixing conformation flaws with good styling on long bodied shitzu lhasa mix