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Fun Faqs

Groom How Often?

Every 6 Weeks!
  Steffie likes what Groomer/Author Kathy Salzberg says:  
 "The professional groomer learns to execute the proper trim on all breeds and to groom mixed breeds to look like the type of dog they most resemble.
  A monthly trip to to the groomer is highly recommended for those breeds requiring the most upkeep: the Lhasa Apso,Shih Tzu,Standard Poodle,Maltese,AfghanHound,Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier,Bichon Frise,Old English Sheepdog,Bearded Collie, and American Cocker Spaniel. These are the high-maintenance beauties of the dog world.
Requiring grooming every six weeks or so are the Mini and Toy Poodle,Miniature Schnauzer,Pekingese,West Highland White and Yorkshire Terriers,Springer Spaniel,and Portuguese Water Dog.
  An eight-week grooming schedule is advisable for the Golden Retriever,Irish and English Setters, and such terriers as the Wirehaired Fox,Scottish,Cairn, and Airdale.
  Dogs that require no haircut but need to see the groomer every eight to twelve weeks for coat upkeep include the German Shepherd, Collie,Samoyed,Husky,Malamute,Keeshond,Akita,Shetland Sheepdog and Newfoundland.
  Smooth-coated dogs like the Basset Hound, Bulldog,Pug,Beagle,Labrador Retriever,Dalmation, and Rottweiler are kept clean and odor-free by visits to the groomer at least four times a year.
T he amount of grooming an individual dog will need also depends on the amount of upkeep the owner is willing to provide at home between grooming appointments." 

Why Does It Cost So Much?

Top Ten Reasons Why It Costs More To Get Your Pet Groomed Than Your Own Hair Cut!
10, Your hairdresser doesn't wash and clean your rear end. (p.u!)
9, You don't go eight weeks without washing or brushing your hair.
8, Your hairdresser doesn't give you a sanitary trim.   (again; p.u.!)
7, Your hairdresser  doesn't clean out your ears.
6, Your hairdresser doesn't remove the boogies from your eyes.
5, You sit still for your hairdresser.
4, Your haircut doesn't include a manicure or pedicure.
3, Your hairdresser only washes and cuts the hair on your head.
2, You don't bite or scratch your hairdresser.
1, The likelihood of you pooping on your hairdresser is pretty slim!
Steffie would add:
Your hairdresser doesn't shave your armpits.
Your hairdresser doesn't have to bend down to pick you up, several times.
Your hairdresser doesn't have a high likelihood of getting your fleas.
Your hairdresser doesn't have to wipe up your slobber,
or check and clean your teeth, and give your family a Health Report. (Actually, the Health Report is something of an Added Bonus for coming to Steffies,,not all groomers do this)
Please Feel Free To Appreciate and Tip Your Groomer! :)
and, a Most Sincere "Thank You!"  if you do!!

What Breed Is My Dog?

Did you know, you can find out about DNA and RNA testing for dogs online, check out the various videos on YouTube. It's fun and interesting, but on a more practical level, to prove breed for insurance, or for landlords, or for moving overseas, or discover what medical or behavioral issues your mixed breed dog is most likely to exhibit. If done when young before the coat matures, you can find out what kind of coat your Mix is likely to grow up to have, and you and your groomer can start to guide the coat into a beautiful and appropriate special look!