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Adopt A Rescue

Looking To Adopt A New Dog? Rescues come in all pure breeds, mixes of breeds, and a variety of ages and abilities, don't forget to look at Special Needs dogs, too,,here are some good places to look:

Adopt From The Oregon Humane Society, Great Pets, Carefully Screened For Optimal Placement To Forever Homes, Spayed/Neutered/Micro-chipped.
Be sure to do a Search on other Shelters in your area. There are many; be sure to go to a reputable shelter. Report any animal horders to the local police. Do not buy a dog out in some parking lot etc. Go to the home, see they are good people and take excellent care of their pets.
Remember, you don't really know if your new dog has any past health or behavioral issues, so buying an adult should be done through a place that has worked with the dog to make sure it is well socialized. It couldn't hurt to hire a trainer to make sure it works through any remaining issues.
Alternatively, You may want to try:
There are many kind Foster Parents that have wonderful pets to adopt throughout the United States, if you look under the breed you are interested in,,,for instance National Yorkshire Terrier Rescue ,,thats where I found my Yorkie, Bentley (he came with that name, I kept it for him) the folks were super nice, all his papers, tons of veterinarian receipts, he had been very well cared for, he had been in Foster Care for 2 years, I adopted him at age 10, he's 14 now, and still happy and healthy and rarin to go,, don't be afraid to adopt older dogs,,they bind to you just as well as a pup...sometimes better,,Rescues are often extremely glad you adopt them, they know you are tons better than what they had before!!
Remember, when it comes to all pets, especially Rescues,,you are to be their Forever Home, so, no passin the buck on ones that come to you with difficulties,,find a professional, and 'Google it'
Also, the local llibrary will have books to check out, and talk to a local vet or groomer to get their idea of what a good breed for you would be.  If your doggie comes with a few 'issues',  get help and find solutions,,remember,,none of us are perfect!! Adopt Today,,and, if you can, get 2 or even more pets! Make sure you can afford their complete and long-term care: time, food, veterinarian, grooming, training, pet sitters), they so enjoy knowing they are not alone, they are Pack Animals after all!
If you adopt a puppy from a friend or off Craigslist etc, beware of For Profit Puppy Mills and Home Breeders, and don't buy from them. Also, you need to make sure it is not too young. Also, please do what you can to encourage spaying the mother dog. Make sure to fix your pup when old enough.
Please drop me a note if you have suggestions for this page, email or text, Thank You!